Corvette Mike Vietro Takes New England by Storm in His New 2020 C8 Corvette! (Part 2)

Facebook 9/23/2020

Me and my ‘20 part II

The last two days based out of Portsmouth have been spectacular!! The weather has cooperated nicely and every day has been cool and crisp. The Mid Engine behaves like no other Corvette I’ve ever driven and I’ve driven a lot.

Having that V8 behind the driver allows the car a perfect balance. The acceleration is “Now” instantaneous and catapults the car in a forward direction from literally any traveling speed! Forget the “Z” Mode or holding the down shift level while cruising, that combination causes serious neck injuries!! Not really! But you catch my drift…no pun!!!

These photos are of those last two days. Today is a pit stop day! Heading back into Boston to meet up with Michael Grande; aka Corvette Mike New England. A good ole Italian meal at his favorite place in E. Boston. Rino’s Place. Tomorrow dinner with high school buddy Steve Luongo and then off to visit more countryside in Vermont.

The car is approaching 500 miles. Supposedly the factory governor becomes eliminated and a new source of energy and power breathes through the exhaust of the ferocious V8 mid engine!

Historic Boston. Birth place of Patriots and American history!!

This is my midnight ride of Paul Revere!